ed hamill's dream machine

Capturing the true romance of airshows and aviation itself, the AFR Biplane is the perfect choice for this task. It is a factory-built biplane first manufactured in the 1950's. The AFR Biplane has a top speed of over 210 mph, and can withstand positive 6 and negative 5 G's.

Here is a complete breakdown of the AFR Biplane's Performance and Equipment.

dream machine Statistics
Power Plant AEIO-540, 377 hp (Lycon mod)

Recommended Time
Between Overhaul (TBO)

1,200 hr
Propeller Kevlar composite, constant speed, three-blade, 78 in. dia.
Length 17’ 9”
Height 6’ 5”
Wingspan 20'
Wing Area 127.5 sq. ft.
Wing Loading (normal category) 13.3 lb/sq. ft
Wing Loading (aerobatic) 12.7 lb/sq. ft
Power Loading (normal category) 6.59 lb/hp
Power Loading (aerobatic) 6.25 lb/hp
Seats 2 tandem
Cabin Length 6' 11"
Cabin Width 28"
Cabin Height 47”
Empty Weight 1,155 lb
Max. Gross Weight 1,700 lb
Useful Load (normal category 545 lb
Useful Load (aerobatic) 470 lb
Payload w/Full Fuel 371 lb
Fuel Capacity w/5-gal Upper Wing Tank, XC tank 49 gal (48 gal usable)
aerobatic flight 24 gal (23 gal usable)

Performance Data
Aerobatic flight load limits +6 G/-5 G
Takeoff distance ground roll 554 ft.
Takeoff distance over 50-ft obstacle 860 ft.
Max demonstrated crosswind component 17 kt.
Rate of climb, sea level (minimum weight) 2,900 fpm
Maximum level speed, sea level 169 kt.
Cruise speed w/30 min reserve @ 75% power 150 KTAS/ 1.6 hrs
Range w/30 min reserve @ 75% power 284 statute miles
Fuel consumption @ 75% power 84 pph/14gph
Best Economy 6,000 ft.
Landing distance over 50-ft obstacle 1,200 ft.
Landing distance, ground roll 750 ft.
Vx (best angle of climb) KIAS N/A
Vy (best angle of climb) KIAS 82
Va (best rate of climb) KIAS 134
Vno (max structural cruising) KIAS 134
Vne (never exceed) KIAS 185
Vsi (stall, clean) KIAS 56

Equipment Data
Airspeed Indicator
RPM Indicator
Oil Temperature
Electronics International UBG-16, 6 Cylinder EGT/CHT analyzer
Manifold Pressure
Oil Pressure
GPS satellite messenger
5-point Seat Harness
Nomex Flight Suit
Nomex Gloves
Life Preserver Unit (LPU) for overwater shows
David Clark Company Series K10 Helmet Kit w/Electronic Noise Cancellation (ENC) Headset