Press Release May 16, 2004

Barksdale AFB show and MacDonald's Air and Sea Show are complete.

The folks are Barksdale AFB were, once again, terrific. After a rain delay, we flew a full show on Saturday in a short amount of time. The rain kept alot of people at home, however, the Reserve Recruiters still had visitors and some information cards filled out. On Sunday, the rain was too much, and the show was cancelled. I want to thank everyone running that show, you guys and gals are a class act. I look forward to coming back next year.

Next, we were off to sunny Ft. Lauderdale, FL for the MacDonald's Air and Sea Show. This was my first time there, and it was amazing. I've never seen that many people on the beach before, the people who come out to support this event are spectacular. Thanks to Sean Tucker for providing the support plane, which used on media day. I hope to return next year, we had a blast.

The Dream Machine went straight to Piqua, OH for some maintenance on the propeller. A special thanks goes out to Brad, Steve and Mark at Hartzell Propeller for taking care of us as we get the Dream Machine in tip top shape for the remainder of the season.

We will be at Hill AFB, Salt Lake City, UT next. Hope to see you on the flightline. Thanks for all your support.

Set goals -work hard - never give up...Living the Dream!

Ed Hamill