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Streaming Video

2005 Living the Dream Video

Ed Hamill's message is clear. Live YOUR Dream. This wonderful video shows Ed and his Dream Machine in action.

Ed Hamill & Thunderbird Formation

Ed Hamill on the crew of the world famous Air Force Thunderbirds celebrating the heritage of the Military Demostration Teams and the Thunderbirds in this video. This is as good as it gets! Listen to the communications and expertise of Ed Hamill and the Thunderbirds.

Rhode Island Hover

This video shows the cockpit view back of Ed Hamill in is Dream Machine during a vertical hover. Watch tail flaps and how much pilot control is required to make this happen. A special thanks to Lycon Aircraft Engines of Vidalia California.

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ICAS 2003 Video

This video is played to the tune of "America". This is an awesome clip featuring Ed Hamill Living the Dream with his son.

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Torque Roll Across America

This video was brilliantly edited to show Ed Hamill and the Dream Machine in a torque roll that seemlessly goes from city to city.

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Air Force Reserve Promotional Video

This promotional video is an inspiring clip of Ed Hamill Living the Dream. Ed delivers some exceptional footage of Ed and his Dream Machine in action. This video will inspire you.

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Ed Hamill Short Clips

Take a ride with Ed in this compilation of short clips with the inspirational message "Living the Dream".

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Ed Hamill at Barksdale Airshow

This video takes you back in time, explaining the history of skydancing and barnstorming. This is a great video!

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Ed Hamill BRoll

Broll is the latest in the Living the Dream series. Showing Ed's latest skydancing mastery.

You may request a copy of Broll on mini DV cassette or request
a different format.

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Ed Hamill ICAS 2004

Simple message..... Go Live YOUR Dreams!

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