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- 2200+ F-16 hours, including combat time
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--Chapters in our lives--

Our Airshow chapter has been amazing. The friends, family and...the flying. From competition to airshows to success. We have loved every minute.

Our military chapter continues, as I was honored to serve as the Vice Commander of the 56th Fighter Wing at Luke AFB and now serve as a liaison officer for the state of Arizona.

Our family chapter is in full swing. From soccer games to band concerts to confirmations, this chapter is, by far, the best.

When the time is right, and the partner is right, we hope to create another airshow chapter and share the passion of barnstorming again.

Until that time, keep in touch and please enjoy whatever chapter your life is in. Enjoy the present.

Also, remember to set goals, work hard and never give up!

Blue Skies - Ed

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